Bowl Cozy Batting - Gypsy Quilter - Pre-Cut Batting - 8-pack

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For this project, you MUST use 100% cotton thread and 100% cotton fabrics ONLY. 100% cotton pre-cut batting to make a microwave bowl cozy. Made in the USA.

8 batts is enough to make 4 cozies, just add fabric! 😉

Instructions: Place pre-cut batting on the wrong side of a 10.5 inch square of cotton fabric. Using 100 % cotton thread, fold and stitch darts 1/4 inch away from the batting cut edge. Trim out fabric excess. Repeat with second square of cotton and pre-cut batting. Put right sides together and stitch around the outer edge. Leave an opening for turning. Turn and stitch the opening closed.

Made of: 100% Cotton
Needle Punched
Does not Contain Scrim
Loft: Low

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