First Responder: On Patrol, En Route, On Call

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Offered in Two Sizes:
Oversized Throw: 66.5″ x 73.5″
Wall Hanging: 33.5” x 37”

This quilt pattern was designed to recognize first responders, to show support for them and their families. It depicts a snapshot in the daily life of a First Responder: On Patrol, En Route, On Call in our communities.

The flying geese blocks, their triangle shapes pointing like arrows in different directions, represents the daily comings and goings of the people living in a community. Flying Geese blocks, in red, blue, gold, or white, symbolize the first-responder men and women on their way to the scene of an accident or emergency, with the aid of emergency dispatchers, to provide assistance. Gray Flying Geese symbolize the citizens that may include us and our families, friends, neighbors and coworkers. We go about our daily lives, grateful for but not always aware of the work these heroes do daily among us. Appreciation for a first responders dedication, commitment and sacrifice along with the lives they touch through service and protection is the “why” behind this quilt pattern.

Rows of gray or blue rectangles serve as the backdrop of any hometown representing its infrastructure. This includes the homes, businesses, schools and streets where we respectively live, work, learn and travel.

Each of the four quilt colorways pays tribute to a particular group of responders. The color for their group is used in the prominent “thin line” running the width of the quilt design. Descriptions of the “thin line” first-responder groups are:

Red = Firefighters: This is the thin red line of courage firefighters call upon as they risk themselves to save lives and property.

Blue = Law Enforcement: This is the thin line police officers walk between life and death, between good and bad, between order and chaos. When it appears on black, the blue line is a memorial to those who have given their lives in the line of duty.

White = EMS: The thin white line on blue honors all who serve in the emergency medical services, including paramedics and emergency medical technicians.

Gold = Dispatch: The thin gold line represents the dedicated professionals on the other end of the phone, bringing calm and sending rescue.

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