I Can’t I’m Quilting Today - Quilting Sticker - Sewing Decal

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Design reads, “I Can’t I’m Quilting Today” Is quilting all that matters for you to have a wonderful day? Are you a quilter that loves hand quilting or machine quilting? Does your loved one make memory quilts or patchwork quilts? Let people know you’re busy today! Do you enjoy cutting your fabric, sewing your pieces together, and basting the layers to prepare your quilt? If you’re a quilter, what are you going to do? Quilt! Quilting is sharing your love; nothing is more special than a beautiful handmade quilt! Our stickers are made from high quality, self-adhesive vinyl with an additional layer of UV protection for increased durability. Measures w2.92” x h3.00” and is the perfect size for decorating your laptop, and water bottles among other uses. Our vinyl stickers are waterproof, UV resistant, and self-adhering. 

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